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Tickerage Life

Our Bespoke Approach to Winemaking

Our new purpose-built winery and pressing centre enables us to combine contemporary innovation with respected artisanal winemaking skills. This results in limited runs of top quality sparkling English wines. As these wines have been left to age for extended periods they have developed into complex and characterful wines bursting with interesting flavours.

Our bespoke approach from pruning to harvest means we know and lovingly care for every single vine and grape. The time from picking to pressing is a matter of minutes, ensuring maximum grape quality is preserved from our precious bounty.

By being hands-on and living on-site, we constantly review the weather to ensure that no matter what challenges we face over the seasons we are on hand to adapt. Each of our vines are nurtured by myself, with external labour only being brought in for harvest when time is of the essence. Our cool climate means the grapes mature slowly bringing wonderful flavours and uniquely UK characteristics, however, we are often picking in late October, so limited weather windows mean we need many hands to bring in our harvest in the best possible condition. This creates exciting wines for all English fizz lovers to enjoy!

European Grant Information

Blackboys Winery is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development, Europe investing in rural areas.

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