2011 Cyder


Made from the first pressings of locally sourced East Sussex apples, this cyder is complex with a long finish. The 2011 harvest was not as large as first expected, and we found ourselves with spare tank space.

Keen not to let our new shiny tanks sit idle, I drove around our local East Sussex orchards and purchased as many different varieties of apples as possible. These were then washed and milled before going in to our 3 tonne sparkling wine press and our first foray into cyder making began.

The apples were treated in exactly the same way as our sparkling wines, the first press juice fermented and spending a year in tank before going into sparkling wine bottles for secondary fermentation. Having now spent seven years on the lees, this has led to a truly exceptional sparkling cyder, delicate and luxurious.

Intended to be experienced in a flute, this cyder makes an excellent apéritif, more a light apple wine than traditional cider.